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Only the Highest Quality

A "common shed" contractor can save a few dollars here and a few more there by cutting corners where quality is concerned. The day it's finished, the resulting building will, to the untrained eye, look almost as good as the high-quality structure. But give them a few months...... Come back and look in two years, when the bargain-basement special is no longer looking so sweet. You will see that all the little cost cutting tricks used by the discount specialists have taken their toll. The few dollars saved by a discount builder won't begin to repair his shoddy work. Before deciding on a builder, be sure to find out what kind of materials he uses. Better yet, talk to your personal Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings representative to find out the difference today.

Increasing the value of your home is easy with a building custom built to match the design and color of your house. Yes, we build on your lot. We build it where you want it. Beautify and make your property more useful with our quality storage products. They have dozens of purposes - lake side jet ski storage, toy and tool boxes, as garden sheds to keep mowers and other tools out of the weather to last longer, as shelters for animals (up to horse size!), as storage for classic car, even dog houses, pump houses, roadside stands, portable storage shed, mini barn, as playhouses, as lakeside camps, as well as small offices, over night hunting cabins or just for yard and pool side practical decoration at home. They are available in many styles and colors. Choose from the smallest 22'x3' dog house and 8'x8' shed to a generous 9'x22' garage! We do custom building as well, using quality materials for long life and portability where in contact with the ground.

All buildings, sheds and products are quality built to last. Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings provides yard beauty, enjoyment, play and functionality of smart storage solutions for the lake, city home, family, business, and leisure vacation time in the State of Oregon and Northern California ....and for good reasons. These units are sturdily built using only top quality materials to give a lifetime of service when cared for and given routine maintenance.

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Custom or Special Orders

Add-Ons & Popular Accessories

There are hundreds of ways to accessorize and personalize your unit. Many people design their units to coordinate with their houses in some way. You may see units in the same color or style as the main house. We also offers a wide selection of shingles so that our customers can match them to the shingles on their houses.

Indeed, with all of the accessories that people add, some units have made the leap to being more like summerhouses. You=ll find units with screens, windows, internal doors, partitions, and built-in benches, seats, and tables. Many have added electricity, and some even have had them plumbed. An increasing number of people are going so far as to install sinks and toilets as well.

Apparently, the 21st century is beginning to put its stamp on the evolution of our units. Whereas it was once seen as a kind of detached porch where one could seek refuge or simply take in the beauty of a garden or enjoy a gentle breeze, the breeze now frequently emerges from the paddle fan on a lighting fixture.

Perhaps it=s a sign of the times. Things have become so hectic that it=s not enough to just retreat to the porch or backyard to revel in a few stolen moments away from the chaos of one=s home. With cell phones and other technology bringing the turmoil of work into the home, precious spare time has been squeezed out. People now need a place that=s tantamount to a vacation house that they can go to without actually leaving town. It=s too bad they can=t bring themselves to disconnect altogether for a while. With lots of units having electricity, technology has a standing invitation to invade. Inevitably, the next trend will be toward entertainment centers, surround sound, and home offices in the units. With people taking their units so seriously, it=s bound to happen sooner or later.


About Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings 

Pete at Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings enjoys assisting you with your projects to improve your current home or create a new vacation spot away from home with the enjoyment and value of a mini workshop, cottage, hunters camping/cabin, new deck or shed, we have just what you need. We can help you plan and build the backyard you and your family dream about.

Quality Workmanship From Concept to Installation, Rogue Custom Outdoor Products is the experienced premier outdoor construction firm in Oregon and Northern California. We unleash the creative beauty of your backyard and landscaping with custom-built, personalized solutions that include planning, design and construction of a large variety of sheds, decks, sunrooms and much more, from the most complex layouts to simple elegant plans. All decks are custom-built and tailored to your unique location. Lets us help you plan your outdoors building construction project. Give us a call today and make an investment in your home and your life with quality workmanship from Rogue Custom Outdoor Products...

What we are all about:

PEACE OF MIND: We stand behind every unit we build.  See TESTIMONIALS          


       Coming soon..... to the Rogue Valley.... "Romance Cabins"

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