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                                            Sheds                            Buildings for the Garden                      Sheds

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          "The Essential Shed Series"

                          Richards Ess 0042.jpg (44208 bytes) "Essential Gable"  Richards Ess 0046.jpg (37307 bytes)

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                           8' wide - 10' deep $2,375 with standard 30"door opening, with quality handcrafted wood door. 

           "The best $279 I’ve ever spent...after all not all sheds are built equal. " See >>>  TESTIMONIALS   James of Leucadia

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Dedicated To Sustainability, Service And The......

                   Art & Tradition Of Creating Internationally Recognized Handcrafted Outbuildings    

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"The Cave Junction" .... with loft......  (1)   16'Wide x 12'Deep      8/12 Pitch Roof (7'6" high front & rear walls)

"noticed the highly-developed finish and obvious care the builder has incorporated"........"smart....very smart! "a well placed/sized loft, that gives those "mini barns" a strong run for the money..... bloody brilliant!!"....... I know who I’d recommend when the subject of sheds comes up!"

See William Myers of Cave Junction personal critique #1 0n Testimonial Page) TESTIMONIALS

                                                         See CABINS for interior images and pricing   C J 06473.jpg (21017 bytes)

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   Click here for reduced prices and detailed info.>>> Rogue Custom Monthly Specials  5 in one image.jpg (134332 bytes)

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                Carolee Buck Victorian House.jpg (26800 bytes)  Coming Summer 2015  (1)  (our rendition, a 200sq' scaled version)

  Specially built for those who enjoy the Victorian era...... inspirational art work "Yellow Victorian Vernacular House" by Ashland's Carolee Buck

   Will be offered as an...... Artists Retreat / Victorian Cottage / Romance Cabin and The Craftsman


Sand Castle  004.jpg (19083 bytes)  "The Sand Castle" (1)  Opening Spring 2015

  This one built for those who like to be "on the move"....... often!!! ........have 4x4 or tractor....... will travel!!!

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(See more on shed page) Ash Storage 0007.jpg (41120 bytes)  "Ashland Hillside Storage" (1) (With ----Shed - Pent/Mono Pitch roof system)


Ashland Office  5  Snow Shot.jpg (114651 bytes)  Ashland Shed Move  003.jpg (67868 bytes) Ashland Shed Move  006.jpg (74658 bytes)  The "Ashland Office"(1) 10'X 12'   From $4,750

                                                                                 On The Move                     Click on images to see larger view


 B Merlin Workshop 334m.jpg (44605 bytes) B D Lake  0011  Chateaux m.jpg (30938 bytes)<< Please click on images for these and others...   

                          Chateau models are on special ...... From $2,875      


 Cobras Den 05867.jpg (26757 bytes)   Cobras Den 05871.jpg (18617 bytes)    Cobra Den 0016.jpg (124847 bytes) The "Cobra's Den"(1) 10' X 20' From $5,940

                                                           Click on images to see better view


  B Ashland Sanctuary  0078m.jpg (43467 bytes)  Ashland GS 0010 Painted.jpg (43200 bytes)  Ashland Sanctuary  0071.jpg (112767 bytes) Ashland Sanctuary  0068.jpg (119117 bytes)

                               Click on images to see larger view                                                                                       With a Loft

Ashland Sanctuary  0069.jpg (120169 bytes) The "Ashland Sanctuary" (1) 10' X 8' From $4,975 T-111 / $5,975 with lap siding  ________________________________________________________________________________________

"The CK2" ......."Cascade Kamping Kubbies" (1)

                              CK 2  00003.jpg (31050 bytes) <<< Click here for Cabins

Fully trimmed, deck, sliding door & two sliding windows, on super slide skids.

6'6" Wide x 8' Deep 52sq.'+ Deck w/ Wings.... $4,995            "Fisherman's/Hunters Delight"....


 Taylor TR  002SM.jpg (21531 bytes) "TheRogue Tack Room(1) 16' X 12' From $6,250  

        Taylor TR  008.jpg (50535 bytes)          Taylor TR  007SM.jpg (20502 bytes)                                                    

                                                                                 Tack Room ________________________________________________________________________________________

 Wilderville 05936.jpg (29534 bytes)  Wilderville 05941.jpg (22868 bytes)  WildervilleDSC06296.jpg (7165 bytes) 

         Please click on images to see expanded view                        On The Move  @ the New Locale

The "Wilderville"(1) 10'X 16' From $3,500       


"When you have The Carpenters tools, work to build the kingdom of God..... then pass them on well worn!"
"the cheaper isn’t the keeper" (See...Randy Howe and Brother Bruce #2 0n Testimonial Page) TESTIMONIALS
OH! A question that has been coming every once in a while:"How much do you charge to place a door or window that was sourced by (me) the client, on a building purchased from R.C.S.O.?     We charge $30.00 per hour plus framing and sealing materials....

Example: a 36"x 36" window was provided by a client, installed and fully sealed , with 3" outer window trim .... it came in at $*98.00.


 Beyond Price .......Immediate ... and ....Continuing Value  (See...Caroline and Raymond Miller #3 0n Testimonial Page)   

  Please feel free to click on the images on this page to see more.....                                                                                                           TESTIMONIALS

B Play House 6 Hucks pad m.jpg (48434 bytes)   B Pumphouse     The Razorback   8m.jpg (41815 bytes)    B Cottage Roof shed  001m.jpg (28773 bytes)    B Coop 004Am.jpg (51155 bytes)

"Where Quality Really Matters"    (See...Johnnie C., Proprietor #4 0n theTestimonial Page) TESTIMONIALS           

 "Truth in Engineering"   (See...Dan & Danette Moore #5 0n Testimonial Page)   TESTIMONIALS

"The most expensive shed is the cheap one!!!! ....Charles White of the Great Northwest "


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                                                                                        (Please click on these images to see more)

                                             Rediscovering the power of simple, quality design.                                                                                                                                              

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           Custom hand-crafted portable storage buildings, built with superior materials & quality workmanship. 

"Green Applied Science" treated wood ..........we've discovered the sources that utilize the proper "green" method of treating wood that keep insects, micro-spores and the like from attacking wood products. This technology has been made available to us and we build with such whenever possible.

     Experience the Difference, it's a difference that only skill, expertise, and dedication to excellence can make.  

    One of a kind buildings .....NO cookie-cutters here!   

How some do a move> Helping Hands  001.jpg (50780 bytes) < Click here for "Moving On Page".......The "Relocation" Process      


Welcome to Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings

Thank you for your interest in our buildings. Our Team has been a leader in small building design industry since 1988. We are a family owned and run business specializing in high-quality, well-constructed, unique, custom, fully portable* storage/outbuildings. Let us remind you that a building is like anything else you own, you get what you pay for.

Here at Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuilding all of our product line is built without any shortcuts. We take great pride in our work, and our top priority is to make sure that you are satisfied with your building and our service. The buildings come in many unique styles with virtually unlimited sizes* and shapes and many options available. If the buildings pictured aren't exactly what you had in mind, we are more than willing to customize it or start from scratch to fit all your needs and desires. Each building is fully hand crafted by our well trained and courteous team. (We never farm-out any of the overall build.) Our line of products will enhance the value and beauty of your home/property. If you have any special needs or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. All consultations are ZERO pressure and free of charge.

Now is the Time

Now is a great time to get that outdoor storage shed, garden shed, outback shed, mini-cabin, outbuilding, etc.* and we know you don't want just any old "junk cookie cutter@shed. The possibilities are nearly endless*! We offer you more than just indispensable storage. What we have to offer works hard for you from season to season, they also add charm and artistic style to your frontyard, backyard or hilltop environment and help you get more satisfaction from your life out doors. Styles, features and options are combined to give you the custom look you want and the utility you expect.                                                          

How is all this possible?

Quite simply, continuing breakthroughs in premium technology have placed us in the forefront of this revolution providing magnificent state-of-the-art models to start from, then personalization to make it your own.

Do we believe in our products? You bet we do. Here within this site are contained images of a few buildings that we have built since 1988. Demonstrable quality is our creed. Our buildings are representative of the quality which must stand the true test only time and the debilitating effects of weathering: acid rain, wind, the infrared rays of the sun and the full effects of temperature and moisture differential can provide(we build green ... see WE BUILD GREEN ).

We build to exceed and surpass the minimum so called "standards" *, NOT to meet the minimums to increase profits, while providing real, lasting structural integrity with an emphasis on aesthetic style and artful taste. At Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings we build our relationships one building at a time. We build with many truly custom features not found in others products, thanks to good old American / European/Australian/New Zealand ingenuity and technology, combining the old with the new and first rate craftsmanship. Each building is built from materials of the highest quality and hand-selected lumber, to assure you a lifetime of use with a minimum of maintenance, and done to old-fashioned building standards, not minimum laughable standards*. Our buildings will stand the true test....... time. We use no oriented strand board, Achip board@, faux-plywood or particle board sheathing (Northwest weather doesn=t like the stuff, Mother Nature,   nor do we) WHAT'S THIS TOXIC ??? ....again..... (we build green). ("Green Applied Science™" Products in use).

From the Colonial days to today, ask an accomplished carpenter to build you a building and this is what you=ll get - a versatile design with great head room and space for storage, doors, windows, you name it. We=ve modeled our buildings after that high standard.

In-Home / On Site Appointments

Call your personal Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings carpenter today. We make in-home appointments and can walk you through the process personally. We also offer on site appointments that may assist you in the planning for your new portable building* and its placement*. An experienced professional carpenter will help answer questions, recommend the perfect size and model for your needs and budget, and go over all the details.                             Again, all consultations come with ZERO pressure and are free of any charge.

Your time is a valuable commodity and we respectfully understand this. We encourage you to meet with us in person or speak to us on the phone about your project or plans. From the initial design and estimating stage to the completion of the project, Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings is your "one stop shop". By not farming out the build, we have been able to cut out the middlemen, therefore, keeping costs down for you.

A side bar notation: We are a totally smoke/adult beverage free company and NONE of our crew uses any coarse language.... Your family shouldn't have to be subjected to such!   Being a local family-based business, our hours are very flexible. We're sure that we can arrange a time that would be most convenient for us to meet to discuss your plans.

What we are all about:

PEACE OF MIND: We stand behind every building we build.

Customer Satisfaction

All our buildings are built in an efficient and professional manner. With a combination of modern & old-world tools, combined with our years of experience, we are able to build you a building you will be proud to own.

Please shop the area and compare what we have to offer.                           

 Some "would-be" competitors are known to say.......

"BUILT ON YOUR LOT IN ONE DAY!  ............. "


Building Our Relationships ...... One Building at a Time. 

                     Contact us at:   541.779.2436  or

   Snail-Mail 001.gif (11837 bytes)Snail-Mail: Rogue Custom, P.O. Box 1975  Grants Pass, Oregon 97528  Snail-Mail 003.jpg (26743 bytes)  Snail-Mail 002.jpg (16979 bytes)

                                                                                                                                                        (Click to enlarge)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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"Heart Driven" Weddings.... With Pastor Pete           

                                                          These Colors  Flag%20gif%20USA%201.gif (8347 bytes) Don't Run .. Ever!       

When comparing prices, indeed know what you’re getting!

Top to bottom ....After all this is YOUR INVESTMENT... and YOUR MONEY!

                        Ask our competitors these questions......

(1) Roofing- What is the year and wind rating of their shingles?

                      What fasteners are used to hold the roofing down?

                      [staples, nails from a nail-gun or nails that are hand driven?]

(2) Roofing Felt- Is roofing felt used and if so, what is the weight and quality rating?

(3) Roofing Sheathing-

                                      What material is used [O.S.B., plywood] and it’s thickness [sub "," 5/8" or ?]

                                      What fasteners are used to hold the sheathing down?

                                      [staples, nails from a nail-gun, nails that are hand driven or screws?]

(4) Roof Truss- What are they made with 4"x 3" Engineered Rafters, 2"x 3", 2"x 4", 2"x 6" or 3"x 4"?

                          What are the spacing (centers) of the members? [16", 24" or ?]

                          What method of attachment to the wall/plate?

(5)Wall Tie plates- How many wall plates are used? [one, two, or?]

(6) Siding- Exactly what kind of siding is used? [O.S.B.  WHAT'S THIS TOXIC ???, Smart Panel, plywood]

                  What fasteners are used to hold the siding to the studs?

                   [staples, nails from a nail-gun, nails that are hand driven?]

(7) Paint- Exactly what quality is used (year rating?)

                 How is it applied? [sprayed, by hand with brush or ?]

(8) Wall Studs- Is kiln-dried lumber used, or green lumber?

                           [that may twist and pull the nails (staples?) through the siding.]

                           What is the spacing of the studs? [16", 24" or ?]

                           What fasteners are used building the stud walls?

                           [staples, nails from a nail-gun, nails that are hand driven or screws?]

(9) Floor Sheathing- What type of floor does the shed have?

                            How thick, made of what material [O.S.B., chip board, plywood] and is it tongue & groove?

                                    What fasteners are used to hold the sheathing down?

                                    [staples, nails from a nail-gun, nails that are hand driven or screws?]

                                    With what spacing ? (the fasteners) [16", 24" or ?]

(10) Floor Vapor Barrier- Does it have a vapor barrier, if so.... made of?

(11) Floor joists- Made of 5"x 3", 2"x4", 2"x6", 3"x 5"? Are they treated? Spaced [16", 24" or ?]

(12) Fasteners- Exactly what are used [staples, nails from a nail-gun, nails that are hand driven or screws?]                               throughout the shed, are the fasteners full sized ? [8d, 16d, etc.]

(13) Build Time- ???

Member of F.S.C. - Forest Stewardship Council ™

A non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests.


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